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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Senior Lecturer Field: Neurosciences, Animal Neurobiology, Cell Neurochemistry, Autonomic Nervous System, Sensory Systems, Systems Physiology, Animal Physiology - Systems
Research:  My lab investigates cellular and physiological mechanisms used by autonomic systems; cardiovascular, respiratory and glucoregulatory. Physiological reflexes (e.g. baroreflex, chemoreflex, glucose counterregulation) function to maintain homeostasis in the healthy state. They are integrated by neuronal circuits in the brain, and their long term and short term patency is continually...
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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Lecturer Field: Neurosciences, Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychophar, Neurocognitive Patterns and Neural Networks, Learning, Memory, Cognition and Language
My research investigates aspects of social cognition, such as emotion recognition, face processing and empathy. My work combines novel experimental techniques, neurophysiological assessment and advanced neuroimaging techniques (MRI, MEG) in healthy older adults and patient groups to determine how these complex abilities are compromised by damage to different brain regions. The main clinical...
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Associate Professor
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Senior Lecturer Field: Paediatrics, Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases, Neurosciences not elsewhere classified, Medical Genetics
Dr John Lawson is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer with the School of Women’s & Children’s, UNSW Medicine. Dr Lawson specialises in child neurology at Sydney Children’s Hospital. Dr Lawson’s research focuses on enhancing the diagnosis and management of children with epilepsy and tuberous sclerosis.  Most recent publications have been concerned with imaging techniques in childhood epilepsy, the...
Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Associate Professor
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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Professor
image - Lewis
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Senior Lecturer Field: Receptors and Membrane Biology, Structural Biology (incl. Macromolecular Modelling), Cellular Nervous System
Dr. Trevor Lewis is a senior lecturer in Physiology within the School of Medical Sciences. He teaches across the science, medical science and medicine programs in physiology and neuroscience. His research explores the relationship between structure and function in ligand-gated ion channels and more broadly the processes underlying cellular excitability. This is investigated with the application...
Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Senior Lecturer Field: Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Cognitive Science, Mental Health, Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies, Migrant Cultural Studies
Research interests: The neural mechanisms of complex trauma, particularly in refugee populations; posttraumatic stress disorder; cross-cultural psychology; affective and cognitive neuroscience and postconflict population mental health research.
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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Associate Professor Field: Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases, Neurosciences, Peripheral Nervous System, Correctional Theory, Offender Treatment and Rehabilitation
Research Interests:Clinical application of nerve excitability testing measuring multiple excitability properties of large human motor and sensory axons using threshold tracking techniques and software (QTRAC)
image - 1349393504 Lloyd
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Professor Field: Infectious Diseases, Cellular Immunology, Medical Virology, Immunogenetics (incl. Genetic Immunology), Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Epidemiology, Mental Health, Preventive Medicine
Professor Andrew Lloyd is an infectious diseases physician, and an epidemiology, virology and immunology researcher. He is an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. He is the Head of the Viral Immunology Systems Program (VISP) in the Kirby Institute, the National Centre for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) and the UNSW Fatigue Clinic at the University of NSW. He also provides clinical services in infectious...