Our People

image - 1354254213 Sharlene Kaye Square
Faculty: Medicine & Health Role: Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Sharlene Kaye is a Research Fellow at NDARC. Since joining in 1994, she has worked on several projects, including a major study of Antisocial Personality Disorder among injecting drug users and the Illicit Drug Reporting System. She completed her PhD at NDARC in 2003 which examined the patterns and harms of cocaine use. Sharlene has worked on studies examining fatal and non-fatal cocaine overdose...
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Faculty: Medicine (Transactional) Role: Senior Lecturer
Dr Ke is currently a NHMRC Career Development Fellow (2017-2020). Her research focuses on understanding the underlying pathomechanisms of motor neuron disease (MND). She uses a range of techniques to study molecular mechanisms in MND mouse and cell culture models.
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Faculty: Medicine & Health Role: Adjunct Professor Field: Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases
Matthew Kiernan is Professor of Neurology at the Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales and Consultant Neurologist at the Institute of Neurological Sciences, Prince of Wales Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital. He is also Senior Scientist at Neuroscience Research Australia. His research team’s focus is clinical neurology, in particular disease pathophysiology and...
image - Simon Killcross
Faculty: Science Role: Associate Dean Health Partnerships Field: Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Neurosciences, Mental Health
ABOUT ME Biography Professor Simon Killcross’ main areas of research interest concern brain mechanisms underlying learning and cognition. He is Head of the School of Psychology at UNSW. After gaining his UG degrees and PhD from the University Cambridge, he was a research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge until 1996 when he took up a lectureship in Psychology at the University of York. He...
Faculty: Medicine & Health Role: Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Faculty: Science Role: Marketing Officer
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Faculty: Medicine & Health Role: Adjunct Professor
image - Karen Kool
Faculty: Medicine & Health Role: Coordinator
image - Natasha
Faculty: Medicine & Health Role: Senior Lecturer Field: Neurosciences, Animal Neurobiology, Cell Neurochemistry, Autonomic Nervous System, Sensory Systems, Systems Physiology, Animal Physiology - Systems
Research:  My lab investigates cellular and physiological mechanisms used by autonomic systems; cardiovascular, respiratory and glucoregulatory. Physiological reflexes (e.g. baroreflex, chemoreflex, glucose counterregulation) function to maintain homeostasis in the healthy state. They are integrated by neuronal circuits in the brain, and their long term and short term patency is continually...
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Faculty: Science Role: Adjunct Senior Lecturer Field: Neurosciences, Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychophar, Neurocognitive Patterns and Neural Networks, Learning, Memory, Cognition and Language
My research investigates aspects of social cognition, such as emotion recognition, face processing and empathy. My work combines novel experimental techniques, neurophysiological assessment and advanced neuroimaging techniques (MRI, MEG) in healthy older adults and patient groups to determine how these complex abilities are compromised by damage to different brain regions. The main clinical...