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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Professor
image - Anthony Shakeshaft Square
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Professor Field: Public Health and Health Services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Professor Anthony Shakeshaft's principal research interest is improving the impact and efficiency of clinical health services and population-level programs. He has led the design and implementation of methods and processes that facilitate the embedding of research into the routine delivery of Indigenous and non-Indigenous treatment services, prevention programs and large-scale policy initiatives...
image - 1329191210 Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert Neura 2010
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Professor Field: Mental Health, Neurobiology, Cell Development, Proliferation and Death
Professor Cynthia Shannon Weickert, BA Mphil PhD -Macquarie Group Foundation Chair of Schizophrenia Research Faculty – Department of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales This is a joint position between Schizophrenia Research Institute, the University of New South Wales and the Neuroscience Research Australia. I made seminal contributions to the conceptualization of schizophrenia as a...
Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Visiting Fellow
image - 1347345628 Dr Claire Shepherd
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Senior Lecturer Field: Neurosciences
Dr Claire Shepherd trained in neuroscience and completed her PhD in Alzheimer’s disease at the University of Sheffield, UK. After completing her PhD she relocated to Sydney to pursue her interest in the role of inflammation in the neurodegenerative process. Soon after her move, Claire was awarded the prestigious Rolf Edgar Lake Fellowship from the University of Sydney and subsequently directed a...
image - 1305243848 080582h Sidhu Kuldip
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Honorary Associate Professor Field: Regenerative Medicine (incl. Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering), Animal Neurobiology
Research Interests:Major focus of research in my lab is to use stem cells from both embryonic and non-embryonic sources and to develop therapeutic applications particularly for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and other neuronal diseases. We developed a joint-patent protected new hESC line, Endeavour-1 and a cloning technique that could be licenced from SESIAHS for obtaining various lineage...
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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Professor
image - 1314679466 Janette Smith 09
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Adjunct Lecturer Field: Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Cognitive Science
Dr Smith holds a highly competitive Australian Rotary Health Royce Abbey Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine. She will be examining changes in behaviour and brain function related to cognitive control, including behavioural control, decision making, processing of rewards and losses, and interference control, in young adult and...
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Professor
image - Mprofile
Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Professor Field: Sensory Processes, Perception and Performance, Sensory Systems, Cognitive Science
ABOUT ME   Biography I am a Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in the School of Psychology. I completed my undergraduate degree and Masters in Psychology at Zagreb University. After that went on to graduate school at Rutgers University, New Jersey, graduating with a PhD in 1994. I carried out post-doctoral research at the Lighthouse Research institute and the SUNY School of...