Our People

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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Aus Clinical R/Fellow NHMRC
Professor Stephen Lord is a Senior Principal Research Fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and Conjoint Professor at UNSW. Over the last 20 years, he has worked in the areas of applied physiology, instability, falls and fractures in older people. Professor Lord's research on falls has followed two main themes: the identification of risk factors and the evaluation of prevention...
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Faculty: Faculty of Engineering Role: Head of School Field: Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering not elsewhere classified, Biomedical Instrumentation, Vision Science, Animal Physiology - Systems, Public Health and Health Services, Signal Processing, Neurosciences, Cardiology (incl. Cardiovascular Diseases)
Nigel Lovell is currently a Scientia Professor at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales (UNSW) working in the areas of bionics, biomonitoring and physiological modelling. His research and development work has covered areas of expertise ranging from web-enabling technologies, database design, biomedical instrumentation, biological signal processing,...
image - Peter Lovibond
Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Deputy Dean Field: Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
ABOUT ME   Biography My research area is associative learning. I did my PhD at UNSW and a postdoc at Cambridge University in the field of animal conditioning. I then came back to Australia to complete a degree in clinical psychology, and took up my first academic position at the University of Sydney. I now work at UNSW in human associative learning and its applications to clinical disorders such...
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Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Senior Lecturer Field: Sensory Processes, Perception and Performance
ABOUT ME   Biography I am a Senior Lecturer and perception researcher in the School of Psychology. My primary research interest is in understanding how we perceive the world—what are our visual capacities and how are they realised in the brain. Education Postdoctoral associate, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, 2011-2013 Postdoctoral fellow, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San...
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Conjoint Associate Professor
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Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Associate Director Field: Forensic Psychology, Criminal Law, Decision Making
ABOUT ME Biography I am an Associate Professor and Director of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) Program in the School of Psychology. My research aims to better understand the development of expertise, processes of evidence evaluation in criminal trials, and to improve the communication between experts and lay decision-makers in forensic settings. Education PhD in Forensic Psychology, The...
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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Honorary Visiting Professor
Richard P. Mattick is the Professor of Drug and Alcohol Studies in the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, Sydney within the Faculty of Medicine. He has authored over 100 scientific articles and books on the assessment, nature and treatment of emotional, cognitive and psychological and neuropsychological problems. His major current research interests...
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Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology Field: Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy), Central Nervous System
I am a Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at UNSW Australia.  I have a BSc (Hons) from Monash University, a Masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Melbourne and a PhD from Macquarie University. I worked as a clinician with people with acquired brain disorders for 10 years before taking up my current academic post at UNSW.    I lead a national Centre of Research...
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Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Role: Visiting Senior Lecturer
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Faculty: Faculty of Science Role: Professor Field: Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Neurosciences, Mental Health
Our research is concerned with the fundamental brain mechanisms for motivation and how these apply to clinical conditions such as addictions, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. We are interested in identiyfing these mechanisms, at the cellular, circuit, and systems level and also in translating this fundamental information into new treatments of psychological conditions. To do so, we adopt a...