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Brain Sciences UNSW Colloquia are held on a bi-monthly basis. The colloquia reflect the inter-disciplinary nature and cross-faculty interest of Brain Sciences UNSW.

A colloquium typically consists of brief presentations from 3 speakers on a current theme of interest to brain sciences researchers. This is followed by a combined questions + answers session. An opportunity for further discussion is presented over drinks + nibbles afterwards. All are welcome. If you would like to be informed of upcoming colloquia please email your contact details to


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I think therefore I socialize: Do cognitive neuroscience and social science agree when it comes to schizophrenia?

Event date: 
Monday, 10 March 2008 - 4:00pm
Black Dog Institute Lecture Theatre

Chair: Professor Cynthia Shannon Weickert (NISAD Chair of Schizophrenia Research, UNSW).
Speakers: Dr Julie Henry (School of Psychology); Dr Thomas Weickert (School of Psychiatry); Assoc.Prof. Philip Ward (School of Psychiatry).